The F Words

Setelah hampir 6 tahun kerja, diselang dengan setahun cuti kuliah, akhirnya gua resign. Ninggalin perusahaan pertama tempat gua kerja dan ninggalin Balikpapan adalah salah satu keputusan tersulit yang pernah gua buat apalagi karena harus ngembaliin uang beasiswa. Tapi, keputusan ini gua yakini yang terbaik buat perkembangan gua sebagai kuli oil and gas dan juga bakal jadi pengalaman tak tergantikan buat keluarga kecil gua.

Perlu diakui, kerja di perusahaan ini cukup membanggakan buat gua. Di awal masuk, kebanggaan itu mostly ada karena proses rekrutmen yang luar biasa panjang dan banyaknya pejuang-pejuang yang gugur di tengah jalan. Setelah masuk dan mulai ngerti kerja, kebanggaan itu mostly karena prestasi tim basket di petrocup mau pun di kompetisi antarklub di Balikpapan. Haha. Anyway, berikut ini adalah email terakhir yang gua kirim dari domain kantor, mungkin lebih bisa menjelaskan perasaan gua:

On July 2007, a Well Services Engineer gave a presentation about Total E&P Indonesie in Aula Barat ITB. The following day, an aptitude test was held as a part of recruitment for that particular company. Had I known the significance of that company for my future life, I would have come to the presentation instead of doing a marathon of 1 Litre of Tears. Although I didn’t attend the presentation, I did attend the aptitude test and the following test and the following and the following and so on. The rest is history.

A lot of people seem to consider Balikpapan as a slow-paced city. So slow that when you want to move there for a job, the future employer will ask about your thoughts of moving there. Such is the case for TEPI. They ask me the ultimate question, twice. Once during my interview with GSR and the second one during my final probation presentation.  I do not share the same view though. The years I’ve spent in Balikpapan are remarkably fast. Not only fast, those years are great years as well.

A lot of people often mention the importance of having a work-life balance. I also have to disagree with this view. A regular employee spends a minimum of 8 hours per day at the office plus transportation time. This could easily be a third of our adult life. Of course the concept of work-life balance is a decent one with the idea of harmony between the time spent in the office and outside it so that one does not ruin the others. However, I do think that the best way is to consider your job as a part of your life so that we spend all of those time at the office living our lives to the fullest. But it takes a special job to have that. And that is the kind of job that I have had here. The relationship I had with TEPI did not stop there. I took pride on representing TEPI at numerous  sport events, in particular Petrocup.

I have met with a lot of people here: mentors, colleagues, friends, families. All of which are an important part of the journey both on and off-office. I would like to say many thanks to all of you and I wish that at a certain level you have took something from me as much as I have took something from all of you. And I will never took for granted the experience I have here.

I’m not good with the farewell, the goodbyes, the final handshake, etc. So let this be a memento from me and if you still need anything from, you know how to contact me.


Oh, and btw..judul postingan ini juga merupakan judul yang gua pake buat subject email tersebut.


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